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I spend a bit of time in the car each day (about an hour a day) and use that time to listen to various podcasts that I have downloaded each week. Just thought I would highlight a few of my favourites.

 I usually have at least one or more of the Wellness Couch podcasts in my week.imageThe Good Doctors  wholistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich and wholistic doctor Dr Michelle Woolhouse share their integrated approach to practicing medicine. this includes diet, environment and the body. Their catch phrase really sums it up- ” Healthcare Unplugged : where  we explore health, wellness and disease management from a nutritional and environmental perspective looking at food from soil to plate and exploring mind and body connections.”
I really like these as they are 30 mins long and that just happens to be my one way journey time! It really helps the time pass and I am learning something new each day or strengthening my resolve to look after myself by manipulating my environment in anyway I can to promote health.
The Wellness Guys Show (another 30 mins) where 3 chiropractor lads (one is a naturopath as well) discuss their views on health, environment, body functionality  and nutrition. These are the original guys who then developed The Wellness Couch podcast that star themselves individually or other Australian healthy gurus to give a week long listening experience.  They have had some great guests as well and I often find myself looking up the guests books and podcasts as well .
Up for a Chat (60 mins long) , is Cyndi O’Meara, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison discussing all sorts of topics. They describe their podcast as inviting us to be a fly on the wall as they discuss supplements, weight loss, breaking bad habits, autoimmune disease and heaps of other topics. Not are all for me but that is okay, I listen anyway.
One podcast that I have enjoyed from the states is The Smarter Science of Slim where Jonathon Bailor and Carrie Brown work their way through research articles to prove their point that you can in fact eat more, exercise less but smarter and maintain a healthy body and mind. This is a bit long winded as Jonathon does go into extreme detail in the research but it is great to be aware of these studies and have someone do the work for you!
Ted Talks. If you have not come across these they are great podcasts and if you are on a computer videos of people all over the world who have something new to share. Love them!
I like to feed my spirit as well as my mind so I listen to Joyce Meyer TV Audio podcasts. These are my car sermons as she talks about the Christian life and how we can live it more effectively.
Deriring God Sermons are also great for this. I find them quite meaty and I am working my way through them. John Piper is the minister responsible for these. I have tried a few of these American preacher type podcasts and I love the way he thinks. It challenges me to thing more globally and in a way that I think God might appreciate.
Of course there are stacks more I could mention but these are the ones that are filling my head at the moment.
So if you have some time where you are just blobbing, walking, driving or even doing the housework just pop one of these on and you will be on a path of self development. Enjoy!
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My body speaks and I have finally learned to listen.

Ahh I can feel it doing me good right down to my toes!

Ahh I can feel it doing me good right down to my toes!

What a few weeks I have had! It has been (for my body) the perfect storm of stress events. I am one of those people who usually thrive in stressful situations and crash later but not this time. This time my body said enough and I am trying to slow down and listen.

After having my amalgams out (stress 1) I have had quite busy days at work (stress 2), attended the funeral of a dear friend (stress 3), waited as my dad had an operation (stress 4), not really had any down time at home(stress 4) managing to have commitments every night out (stress 6) and had my period (stress 7). My body reacted by manifesting a nasty rash (probably too many Mother’s Day dark choc goji berries and strawberries), a general feeling of I’m coming down with something coupled with a dull headache all week, lower back pain and pains down both legs, bowel motions all over the place and culminating with a head cold, cold sore and a boil on my bum!

Usually I would just push through all of this but this time I have decided to listen to my body’s cries of STOP! So I have decided to just relax this week end not really rushing about as I always do. I have been to the markets this morning, I want to feed my body fresh seasonal food but after that I had a mid morning nap.

When I awoke I pondered about the best way to detoxify and relax my body and decided that an aromatherapy magnesium filled bath would be just wonderful.

Here’s what I did….

Filled the bath with lovely hot water, added 2 cups of Epsom salts, 1 cup of Bi Carb soda, and a few drops of lavender (to relax me), eucalyptus (for my nose), and blue cypress (a wonderful Australian oil). I then had a shower to wash my hair and face before sinking into 30 mins of blissfully scented heavenly numbness.


The Epsom salts is really just magnesium and sulphate. “Magnesium plays a number of roles in the body including regulating the activity of over 325 enzymes, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function and helping to prevent artery hardening. Sulphates help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and help ease migraine headaches.” (Saltworks Epsom Salts Uses and Benefits).

The Bi Carb soda aids with the detoxification process that my body is still involved in after removing amalgams. It also helps to clean the tub after the bath!

Lavender oil , besides smelling divine, it is the mother of the relaxation oils. Used to relieve anxiety and stress it can also assist relieve muscle aches and pains.

Blue Cypress Oil, a wonderful cobalt blue colour, has been used by indigenous Australians for therapeutic benefits. It has been shown to assist with treatment for cold sores and has anti bacterial properties. It can assist with calming and stabilizing moods.

Who remembers having a hanky pinned to the inside of your uniform with drops of eucalyptus oil dabbed on it for you to sniff away at all day?. I do- in fact I should get one of those right now!!!! Eucalyptus is synonymous with head cold treatment. But its benefits are greater than just that. Useful for treating headaches and muscle pains. Due to its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and it’s ability to reduce inflammation and the production of mucous this little oil is a winner in my bath.

Now if only I can rest for the remainder of the day………

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5 grain and guilt free snacks I love to eat.

Apple slices with homemade almond cashew butter

Apple slices with homemade almond cashew butter

1. Apple Slices with Home-made Almond/Cashew Butter & Coconut.

This is almost a daily go to snack for me. I ❤ ❤ ❤ nut butters * and I have only just recently began to make my own. I think they taste decadently divine. The crunch of a crisp freshly picked seasonal apple with just a sprinkle of coconut complete the package. I am fortunate to go to a local farmers market every week with my parents. One of the farmer’s stalls there sell seasonal apples picked within days of sale (some of them even have leaves that are still green on the stalk!). I love knowing that my apples have not been waxed, gassed or stored for months by some big supermarket chain.

Nutty date balls and home pressed almond milk.

Nutty date balls and home pressed almond milk.

2. Nutty Date Balls of Yummyness**

This family favourite is never the same from batch to batch. I probably have to make them twice a week or more and (guilty look) sometimes I hide them to make them last longer. Our current favourite has just a hint of orange through it. It is a great way to use up the by-products of Almond Milk*** and Crio Bru ( I am so lucky my beautiful hubby makes mine in the Thermomix every morning and leaves it in a Thermos flask for me to have at morning tea- love you hun!). I love using up food that would otherwise been thrown out, especially if I get a treat out of it.

Surprisingly filling.

Surprisingly filling.

3.  A handful of nuts.

This really is my no fuss go to snack. As Sarah Wilson says nuts are less fattening than you think! No preparation required just go to the bag and snack. I mainly eat macadamias as my favourite nut with brazil as a close second. I like to activate my almonds before eating just to break down the phytic acid and begin the germination process. There is some evidence that this may increase the nutritional value of the nuts I will take any extra nutrients I can.

I could eat this all in one sitting.

I could eat this all in one sitting.

4. Thai Hommus with Crack-tastic Besan and Thyme Crackers and Vegetable Sticks.

This is not an every week treat – I’m not really sure why – it is sooo easy. It is probably because I would over eat the whole batch in one go. In fact, I had to restrain myself long enough to take a picture this week. Thai inspired hommus is extra delicious as it is made by adding coriander, a red chilli, and my own home made sweet chilli jam to a regular hommus recipe. I use the recipe in Thermomix Everyday cooking… for every family and for my sweet chili sauce a recipe from ABC’s A Generous Helping recipe book which was published to raise money for the QLD flood relief fund. It is a collection of 150 ABC listeners  recipes which would also help flood affected residents to recreate a source of much-loved generational recipes. It is wonderful. The recipe I use is Fran’s Chili Jam submitted by Jenny Woodward (weather presenter).

As I am a librarian I will not publish recipes from sources that are not readily available on the web. It just wouldn’t be right 🙂

Anyhoo add this beautiful humus to some Crack-tastic besan and herb crackers (based on this recipe)and/or vegetable sticks and you have a wonderful savoury snack. I have discovered that you can cut zucchini into great cracker shaped shapes you can pipe the humus onto them to create a dinner party worthy hors d’oeuvre.

Grain free and yummy.

Grain free and yummy.

5. And finally for a sweet treat – Spiced Mixed Berry Coconut Cupcakes

I love the Christmas spices and having a Spiced Mixed Berry Coconut Cupcakes**** with my Crio Bru every morning tea. This cake hits the spot. Although I do vary the recipe from time to time – think Banana and Walnut, Coconut and Goji berries, Stewed Sticky Date, I have been making this particular version for a few weeks and I’m not sick of it yet! It is really good to pop one of these in your handbag for those morning tea occasions when you don’t think there will be anything suitable. Pull them out with some Nutty Date Balls and voila you have a decadent looking plate of nutritious food and no one even needs to know.

So there you have it… 5 grain and guilt free snacks I enjoy almost every week. Recipes below 🙂

* Nut Butters are really simple to make. Especially if you have a Thermomix. All you do is take your raw nuts (although some people dry roast them before), I use a handful of cashews with mainly almonds in mine add a small pinch of Changing Habits Seaweed Salt and blend until the oils are released and it comes together as a paste. If you think the mixture is a bit dry add a small amount of oil (almond or macadamia work well). Done in about 5 mins. The mixture really does get quite warm but I don’t think it is above the 40 deg mark. I’m not sure how other blenders would cope but give it a go. The worst that could happen is you end up with nut sprinkles to put over yoghurt and fruit or Buckwheat Porridge.

**Nutty Date Balls the everyday treat, are just as easy.

Combine a handful of almonds, leftover almond pulp or activated almonds, left over Crio Bru grounds from your morning chocolatey antioxident drink , dates about 100g, a handful of coconut, a tablespoon of cacao or any other mix-ins you like.

Blend until it comes together in your Thermomix-read food processor. If the mixture does not seem moist enough add some coconut oil.

We are in love with the zest of an orange at the moment but I have also used goji berries, apricots (naturally sun-dried of course), peppermint essential oil ( I love this brand but at least make sure your oil is food quality), add some cacao nibs for extra chocolate taste, sultanas and rum for Christmassy Rum Balls.

***Almond Milk– I have an awesome Hurom juicer which just requires me to activate my nuts over night then pour into the juicer with some water. Voila Almond Milk! You can also make it in your Thermomix too. Blend 1 cup of activated and rinsed nuts of choice/taste (almonds, cahews etc) with 1 litre of filtered water until smooth. You can add some fresh dates if you prefer a sweeter milk at this stage. Strain in a nut bag over a container and squeeze out the last drops.

Store in the refrigerator or freeze some if you make a large batch. Fresh food does not always last as long as the preservative filled counterpart.

****Spiced Mixed Berry Coconut Cupcakes (makes 12)

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup almond meal

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup mixed berries (Goji, cranberries, sultanas)

6 tblsp liquid coconut oil

6 eggs

1/4 cup rapadura sugar or sweetner to taste

1 tsp allspice

1 tsp cinnamon

Heat oven to 180. Mix wet ingredients together. Mix dry ingredients together. Combine in a bowl. Add extra liquid if the mixture is too stiff.

Cook moderate oven 20 mins or until golden brown. Makes 12 patty cake sized muffins.

NB: You may have noticed I mention some brands in my posts and often link to sites. I am in no way affiliated with these companies, I receive no benefits. I simple know that lots of my friends ask me where I get all these things and what do I use in my house. If you do happen to buy any of the products I mention in my posts can you mention to them that you read about their product here. At least then they’ll know they have a fan.

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My morning in a massage chair.


I spent the morning in a beautiful heated massage chair. Unfortunately this was not all for pleasure. Today was the day all of my mercury amalgams were removed. My dentist Dr Tom Trevathon has a wonderful heated massage chair to help ease the ordeal.

This is the only dentist I have been to where even the needles didn’t hurt. I was made extremely comfortable by Alyse his assistant as he worked to remove the 5 little blighters that are releasing toxins into my body. Adios and good riddance to them, I say.

I was in good hands, all safety precautions where in place to make sure that no vapour was inhaled or amalgam particles swallowed. As you can see in the picture I had a rubber dam neatly placed around the tooth to be worked on, glasses to protect my eyes and my nose inhaled pure fresh oxygen (an a little laughing gas to reduce any discomfort). The room’s air was turned over very rapidly and Dr Tom used a slow drill very carefully to drill out the silver bits. This all took about 2 1/2 hrs stopping for rest and toilet stops as required.

So as you can see I have all white teeth now.

I experienced no pain, not even after the procedure  I was detox symptom free as well – maybe my preparation was sound. A word of warning to those who might replicate this procedure – don’t buy a juice for lunch after – you just don’t have the suck required in those cheeks. I am just glad I had my lips back and was able to minimise the spillage.


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Grain Free, Gluten Free, Guilt Free

Husk & Honey

Husk & Honey– a cafe that is grain and gluten free- now that’s my kind of eating!

I always feel like I am compromising the way I want to eat when we go out to restaurants. I am always looking for the least offensive meal – you know the one with the best local produce which probably hasn’t been cooked in oils I don’t trust and with plenty of good veges and grass fed, pastured meat. Yes there are my Sheldonisms again!

Imagine my delight when I came across a cafe where I felt I could trust everything! Recently I listened to a podcast from the Up for a Chat girls, Cyndi O’Meara, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison about living grain free. In this particular episode they interviewed Tania Hubbard who started a grain free cafe, wrote a recipe book, and who now has started another business to sell grain and gluten free packet mixes for cakes and breads to the public and other cafes. This created a must visit…and soon desire in my heart. I also immediately ordered the cookbook and some of the bread and cake packet mixes!

As my lovely hubby and I were spending the weekend up the Sunshine Coast (he was there to ride the Noosa 100 mile bike ride – yes he’s a MAMIL), it seemed like the perfect time to visit this beautiful little cafe.

I was not disappointed the decor had an eclectic retro feel and we enjoyed reading the old newspaper article pasted to the wall beside our table with Martin Luther Kings “I have a dream” speech printed. It was quite a busy place and obviously well supported by the local community.

We started our meal with a blueberry, banana yoghurt based smoothie (for me) and a lovely crema topped long black for Ric. He said it was one of the best coffees he’s had in a while…and that’s saying something!

Lunch for me was Beef Nachos – a generous helping of grass fed beef mince, served with chick pea crisps and a side of the most scrumptious relish, home-made yoghurt herbed cheese and a side salad sprinkled with seeds for crunch. Ric had a Savoury Chickpea Pancake. This is in Tanya’s recipe book, Gluten Free Grain Free – food we love,  and I will definitely be cooking it soon. it consisted of roasted vegetables piled onto the pancake topped with macadamia pesto topped with toasted seeds and it hit the spot quite nicely.

Unfortunately we had no room for desert as the helpings where quite generous but that didn’t stop me from buying a slice of carrot cake and  apple rhubarb crumble cake for us to enjoy later in the day. At this point I really need to confess that Ric really only had a taste of each of these 🙂

So I am comforted to know that it is possible to eat out knowing that the cafe has local quality produce, and satisfies my grain/gluten free lifestyle. I just wish I could find more of these establishments. Please let me know if you can suggest some in or around the South East Queensland way and if you are every on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, give this one a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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Mercury- closest planet to the sun.

Mercury- closest planet to the sun.

Did you know that Mercury is the smallest planet to circle the sun and also the fastest moving? It’s a bit like that in my mouth! Small in size (I’m talking my amalgams here) but close to my bloodstream and fast acting as my mercury amalgams are creating a toxicity in my body. Of course this is not the only way I can ingest mercury, seafood and cosmetics both are ways for an individual to add mercury to their diet. I have pretty much taken care of the cosmetics in my life and I am working on the seafood but my amalgams – well they just have to go!

Just recently the World Health Organisation has started to phase down the use of dental amalgam  WHO recommends

“National, regional and global actions, both immediate and long-term, are needed to reduce or eliminate releases of mercury and its compounds to the environment. WHO is committed to work with the health sector and national, regional and global health partners to:

• reduce mercury exposure;
• eliminate the use of mercury wherever possible;
• promote the development of alternatives to the use of mercury.”

I says it’s time for me to personally to do something about it. So this week, two weeks out from my dental appointment, in consultation with my doctor and naturopath (who both agree, and even suggested that I have them removed), I have started a chelation heavy metal detox regime. It is all natural and I am preparing most of it myself. It’s quite easy just 3 drinks a day and a selenium supplement.


[kee-ley-shuhn]  Show IPA


1.Chemistry . the process of chelating.

2.Medicine/Medical .

a method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream, used especially in treating lead or mercury poisoning.


Drink 1:Fermented Apple Juice with a chelation powder added.

I cut up some ginger root and place it into some organic apple juice. This sat on the kitchen bench for 1 week and fermented nicely. At this point it tasted just a little sweet and tangy. Each morning I add my chelation compound (Aust zeolite, Aust blue magnetic clay, Acai berries, Macca Root, Chlorella and Spirulina) and let it sit until the afternoon in the fridge. It is the perfect 3pm pick me up drink. Easy as!!!


Drink 2Turmeric Golden Milk (Ayruveda)

For this I made some turmeric paste by finely chopping turmeric root and stirring over low heat to create a paste. You can do this with turmeric powder too and if I need to make some more I will be doing it this way as I don’t like the little lumpy bits! I then make some almond milk (any nut milk would do) and stir a teaspoon of turmeric paste into the milk for about 4-5 mins. as it cools you can add some oil (I like Inca Inchi or coconut oil) I have one cup in the morning and one in the evening. You can see a video about how to make this drink and it’s benefits here.

So far I have not really noticed any adverse effects after taking these for a few days. Just not real keen on the Golden Milk. But I am willing to give my body every chance to deal with the coming dental work. I will tell you about the safety procedures and treatment in a few weeks time.

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Putting all the pieces together.

As a school librarian I am never really sure what my day will hold. This week we took delivery of hundreds of Lego pieces. It was our job to sort these pieces into sets that make sense for our users.

Trying to create something beautiful out of life's Lego pieces.

Trying to create something beautiful out of life’s Lego pieces.

This reminded me of the journey I have been on for the past 3 years. I finally feel like I am sorting out the pieces in my body and getting ready to build something wonderful. Some of my pieces are coming together to make me Eden-whole.

My journey started when I decided that I wanted to create food that had the most nutrition possible. It meant often making things from scratch. I began to research foods that were until then unknown to me. Things like kale, quinoa, buckwheat, and other superfoods. Armed with my enabler my Thermomix, I was able to start grinding all sorts of yummy things creating, sorbets from fresh fruit, pesto and dips galore and making my own ice cream and yoghurt.

I soon started to realise that package foods have an awful lot of numbers and chemical compounds added to them. I refined my goals to include foods that had ingredients that my grandmother would have understood. This was the beginning of my chemical free lifestyle.

A daily deal coupon took mum and myself to a fermenting workshop which opened a whole world of kombucha, Sauerkraut, kefir, miso, sourdough bread and cheesemaking. I have not fully explored all of these things as yet but have given kefir and kombucha a fair workout. I love the idea of a sparkling ginger kombucha drink or sundried tomato keffir cheese giving me probiotic goodness. ( I have just reread those last few paragraphs  LOL, no wonder my husband thinks I am now speaking a language other than English!)

Alongside these experimentations I started to look at the chemicals we used in our home. The cleaners, skin care, and anything else in our home environment. I realised that we are living in a very toxic world and decided to clean this up too! I started by looking into a few brands that I thought were safe. some have been good but many still use synthetic versions if what should be natural products. I am using the safest products available to me until I learn to create my own.

Some of the changes we have made:

A bag of soap nuts waiting for a load of washing.

A bag of soap nuts waiting for a load of washing.

Washing– we tried soap nuts. These are actual nuts from a tree that when immersed in hot water the inside coating melts and washes our clothes. After doing this for a few months I realised that our whites were not as fresh as I like and as my husband wears business shirts, I needed more oomp in the whites loads. However for darks and reds they are perfect! As they are not a bleach they do not strip any colour from the clothes. You just pop them in a bag and into the wash They can be used up to 5 washes. For the whites I am still using a Neways product until I work out something else. Any suggestions?

A spoonful of this and we are smell free all day.
A spoonful of this and we are smell free all day.

Skincare– We no longer use store bought deodorant. We have a small bottle of Bi Carb Soda with some arrowroot and a few drops of essential oil. After a shower we use a teaspoon to sprinkle some onto the palm of our hand, drip some water until the mixture becomes like a slurry (not paste) then rub both hands together, and apply to armpits. Voila done! It has been wonderful. No more stains on my husbands shirts and we are fresh and smell free all day. For moisturiser and night cleanser I use Jojoba. I do a body boost after my shower with a few drops of jojoba and an essential oil. I have found no need for any other creams or lotions since stating this. Sometimes I just like to use products that I know are safe and natural. My favourite companies are Twenty 8 Essentials from the Like Chocolate for Women I love their essential oils, and the skincare range is divine to use. These are expensive but you know you are getting top quality. For budget easier products visit  Corinne’s Handmade Naturals in Brisbane (great for me as there is no postage) has lovely skin care cleansers and all the ingredients and bottles I need to create my own concoctions. (BTW Coconut oils features in a lot of my home-made products).  Natural Wonders based in Darwin use wonderful Australian natives in their products. I love their natural Mozie repellent, skin care, cold-sore drops and oils. I am still working on what to use for hair and teeth. In the meantime I use Neways (though they contain those pesky numbers and unknown compounds) as I consider them the safest alternative.

This is really all you need for a weekly clean.

This is really all you need for a weekly clean.

Household Cleaning– Is there anything that vinegar and Bi Carb Soda wont do? I don’t think so……. The only other product I like to add for mould and pest control is Oil of Cloves and perhaps some other essential oils for variety.

My library office....sorting the Lego

My library office….sorting the Lego

As you can see we are on quite a journey! The Lego pieces of our life is all nearly sorted and we are beginning to create a whole new toxic free lifestyle.

Gradually making sense of the pieces of life in the way God created us to be.

Gradually making sense of the pieces of life in the way God created us to be.

Over the next few weeks I will be having my old amalgam fillings removed safely in an effort to reduce the daily mercury toxins I have in my body and I seriously look at all new products we introduce into our home. We want to buy a new bed…..hasn’t happened yet, but that is a whole other story.

NB: You may have noticed I mention some brands in my posts and often link to sites. I am in no way affiliated with these companies, I receive no benefits. I simple know that lots of my friends ask me where I get all these things and what do I use in my house. If you do happen to buy any of the products I mention in my posts can you mention to them that you read about their product here. At least then they’ll know they have a fan.

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Tips and Tricks for Farmers Markets

Today I went to a brand spanking new Farmers Market that is actually near my home! Yipee!

These people are going to see me every week. Love the fresh produce.

These people are going to see me every week. Love the fresh produce.

I am a long term Farmers Market shopper and every Saturday morning I go and eat breakfast with my darling mum and dad (I love catching up with them like this every week) as well as get beautiful fresh local produce. Do I save money? I think so, but what value do you put on being able to talk to the farmers themselves about when produce was picked and about their farming methods.

This week's purchases.

This week’s purchases.

So I am becoming a bit Sheldon Cooperish (Big Bang Theory fans will know what I mean) about my food consumption and the way it has been grown and prepared.

Here are my top tips for shopping at a farmers market

1. Look for the stalls that have only a small variety of produce available. This means that they are more likely to have some connection to the produce.

2. Talk to the stall vendors. Ask where the items are from and when they were picked. To my delight today I found out that one of the stall holders in this new market (The Kuraby Farmer’s Market) grows just near my work (Jimboomba) and has a beautiful little girl that goes to our school’s Kindy. I see her every fortnight as her Teacher Librarian. I love having some connection to the food we eat so I shall definitely be buying from them in the future. I now know that those items don’t have many food miles in them and as they are freshly picked in the last week perfectly suitable for my body as I aim to eat only seasonal food. I am a bit sceptical about eating supermarket food as it had probably travelled long distances, been gassed or in storage for a long while- you’ve seen the reports on the evening current affairs shows.

Ask about the sprays used on their farms. One of the stall holders explained that they only use garlic spray on their farm and therefore do not need to use the chemicals I am trying to avoid.

fruit and veg pic

3. Don’t be afraid of less that perfect looking foods. I love to buy apples that are unwaxed, bananas that are ungassed, and veges that still have fresh dirt on them. Blemishes are a part of life and even though we all like to look at perfection, I have found that less than perfect tastes better.

4. Look at stalks stems and leaves. You can tell how fresh an item is by the cut marks, stalk ends and any leaves on the items. Just imagine how they should look it they are freshly picked and aim for as close to that as you can get.

5. Be prepared that this food may not last as long as supermarket food. Remember often these foods are unwaxed and ungassed so they don’t have the longevity that these processes are designed to create. Unnatural longevity I think. Food should spoil, it is the way things are. I am very wary of any foods that last forever. Also by being fresh and active food it has intelligence that our bodies can use.

Buy some green items to ripen during the week.

Buy some green items to ripen during the week.

6. Learn how to store the produce correctly. If you are not sure ask at the stall. I have been told this morning that the apples (picked last week) will not last for weeks- fine by me- and I should keep them in the crisper, the tomatoes should be stored on the bench. I know that I can buy unripe avocados and put them next to my ripening bananas and they will be good in a few days and that delicate greens will wilt with more air so keep them as airtight as possible.

7. Markets are usually cash only so take enough money. Some markets have those teller machines on trailers but if you want to save some dosh- go prepared. Confession: Although 48 years of age I am often unprepared and need to take out funds from the Bank of Dad. It is a great institution but quite exclusive.

8. Take something to carry your purchases in. I went to my first few markets quite unprepared and my arms nearly dropped off. My lovely dad was our bag man for a while wheeling one of those collapsible boxes around for us but now I have graduated to a true bag lady and have my own trolley-bag on wheels. Even still I usually don’t fit everything I buy and need to put some in dad’s box-on-wheels or hang bags from my trolley.

9. Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. We always stop for organic coffee and one of our favourite breakfast meals- omelettes, organic beef sausage on a stick, Indian or Potato Rostie with Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce.

10. Find out where your local Farmers markets are and try them all. You will soon get your favourites. If you live on the Southside of Brisbane QLD you might like my favourite markets – Kuraby Farmers Markets (opened today and already a fav) in the carpark at the Kuraby Train Station, Jan Powers New Farm (held every 2nd & 4th Saturday near the Powerhouse at New Farm Park, West End Markets (every Saturday in the park along the river) and if you miss all of these Boggo Rd Farmers Markets on every Sundays outside the Old Boggo Road Jail walls.

Sueshooz XXX

All photographs are taken today by my lovely hubby Ric. If you would like to see more of his work go to 365 Project. 

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Pantry Bliss leads to buckwheat porridge groats and a blog!

An organized pantry allowed me to make room for new things in my life.

An organized pantry allowed me to make room for new things in my life.

Have you ever cleaned your pantry only to find several packets (unopened) of foods you have been meaning to try? Does creating order out of chaos make room for something wonderful in your life?
Yesterday my day was looking fairly benign, I was really just floating through my day (I’m currently on holidays)when a friend (B) text me to say that she was going to organise her wardrobe. I knew that she had been wanting to do this for a while and realised that in my life it was my pantry that was getting me down. I took the challenge and what ensured was a day of texting with updated pics, it made it quite fun….really!

What has to happen for order to happen.

What has to happen for order to happen.

B sent me a text basically saying that God takes away the first to establish the second (Hebrews 10:9), now I have heard others say that we need to get rid of stuff in our lives and de-clutter so that new things can come into being. In fact my goal this holiday was to de-clutter my house- well I started at least 🙂
At this point you need to know a little about me. I am endeavouring to live my life chemical free, consuming and eating the way I think God created us. So I tackled my pantry in this way.

1. I took everything out separating the wheat/gluten/processed products and putting them in a separate cupboard. I have recently been diagnosed with two medical conditions, both which respond really well to a gluten free diet. So now I have no excuse….it keeps me accountable. My husband is happy to live this way but my 20 and 22 yr old children are not. So I am using the stuff up on them and plan to let them buy their own from now on.
2. I then cleaned the pantry using a vinegar and bi-carb soda 2 sponge method.I have 2 old chinese containers one with vinegar and one with bi-carb soda, I dip the sponge into the vinegar and then into the bi-carb. There is a delightful fizzy sound and I get to work. To my delight this is the best way to clean stainless steel, my sandwich toaster now always gleams.
3. Insect repellent stage- I no longer get ‘the pest man’ in so it is up to me to find new chemical free ways of dealing with pests. In this case I used my bathroom de-moulder solution (1/2 tsp Oil of Cloves to 1 litre of water) as I read that moths and insects hate cloves. I followed this up with a cockroach blend.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly while you have a cup of tea.
5. Label and return all containers to the pantry making sure that the containers are the right size for easy refilling. I am really wanting to replace all my old plastics with glass but really don’t know how to fit as much as I do in such a small space.That is a problem for another day.
6. Choose one ingredient that has been bought with good intentions and research and cook with it.

Buckwheat Groatness
Despite its name buckwheat is not a wheat is gluten free and as I have read highly nutritious. It is also not considered a grain so it fits into my quest to be as grain free as possible.
I probably bought it to grind in my thermomix and add to breads (ahhh those were the days!). But now what to do? I discovered a lovely recipes on Oh She Glows for Buckwheat Porridge and that was my Breaky this morning.
In my porridge I
1. Soaked 1 cup of Buckwheat overnight in a bowl.
2. Rinsed then reserved a few tablespoons to add into the finished porridge.
3. Blended buckwheat, some chia seeds, pure vanilla bean paste, and some stevia drops in my Thermomix.

Blending buckwheat groats.

4. Add toppings and yummyness. This time I added banana and trail mix.
My take on Buckwheat Porridge
After eating it this morning I think this might be a good solution to my non yoghurt status at the moment. My naturopath has suggested I stay away from pasteurized dairy and in Australia raw dairy is hard to find, expensive and illegal to be sold as food. This will go great on my CADA (Coconut, dates, almonds and apple, blended to a muesli consistency in the Thermy). I find you need something to balance out the sweetness.
Other suggestions are
Blend old Crio Bru grounds or raw cacao, top with berries, add fruits in season, CADA (as mentioned), warm in winter with cinnamon and apple.
Oh and I forgot to mention that with all the de-cluttering that has taken place- late last night I decided to start this blog. Hope you enjoy reading about my new adventures.

Sueshooz XXX

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Living out of Eden


I have a few passions in life, all are creative. I love creating memories with my beautiful hubby, Ric, and my georgous now just adult children Ben and Bethany.

I have wonderful friends who push me to try new things and try to create a new and improved version of myself.

I love to create food, skincare and all things in my household from scratch. This is in an attempt to live in our less that perfect world as close to the way it might have been in Eden. Perfect relationship with God, wonderful produce, no sickness and abundant love.

In the last 3 years I  have been getting closer to living a basically chemical free, seasonal, nutritious life by surrounding myself with inspirational people who share my passions and vision.

this blog is an attempt to document my journey. I expect some bumps along the way but right now looking forward to new challenges and new adventures. I also hope to pick up some new friends along the way.

Sueshooz XXX

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