Pantry Bliss leads to buckwheat porridge groats and a blog!

An organized pantry allowed me to make room for new things in my life.

An organized pantry allowed me to make room for new things in my life.

Have you ever cleaned your pantry only to find several packets (unopened) of foods you have been meaning to try? Does creating order out of chaos make room for something wonderful in your life?
Yesterday my day was looking fairly benign, I was really just floating through my day (I’m currently on holidays)when a friend (B) text me to say that she was going to organise her wardrobe. I knew that she had been wanting to do this for a while and realised that in my life it was my pantry that was getting me down. I took the challenge and what ensured was a day of texting with updated pics, it made it quite fun….really!

What has to happen for order to happen.

What has to happen for order to happen.

B sent me a text basically saying that God takes away the first to establish the second (Hebrews 10:9), now I have heard others say that we need to get rid of stuff in our lives and de-clutter so that new things can come into being. In fact my goal this holiday was to de-clutter my house- well I started at least 🙂
At this point you need to know a little about me. I am endeavouring to live my life chemical free, consuming and eating the way I think God created us. So I tackled my pantry in this way.

1. I took everything out separating the wheat/gluten/processed products and putting them in a separate cupboard. I have recently been diagnosed with two medical conditions, both which respond really well to a gluten free diet. So now I have no excuse….it keeps me accountable. My husband is happy to live this way but my 20 and 22 yr old children are not. So I am using the stuff up on them and plan to let them buy their own from now on.
2. I then cleaned the pantry using a vinegar and bi-carb soda 2 sponge method.I have 2 old chinese containers one with vinegar and one with bi-carb soda, I dip the sponge into the vinegar and then into the bi-carb. There is a delightful fizzy sound and I get to work. To my delight this is the best way to clean stainless steel, my sandwich toaster now always gleams.
3. Insect repellent stage- I no longer get ‘the pest man’ in so it is up to me to find new chemical free ways of dealing with pests. In this case I used my bathroom de-moulder solution (1/2 tsp Oil of Cloves to 1 litre of water) as I read that moths and insects hate cloves. I followed this up with a cockroach blend.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly while you have a cup of tea.
5. Label and return all containers to the pantry making sure that the containers are the right size for easy refilling. I am really wanting to replace all my old plastics with glass but really don’t know how to fit as much as I do in such a small space.That is a problem for another day.
6. Choose one ingredient that has been bought with good intentions and research and cook with it.

Buckwheat Groatness
Despite its name buckwheat is not a wheat is gluten free and as I have read highly nutritious. It is also not considered a grain so it fits into my quest to be as grain free as possible.
I probably bought it to grind in my thermomix and add to breads (ahhh those were the days!). But now what to do? I discovered a lovely recipes on Oh She Glows for Buckwheat Porridge and that was my Breaky this morning.
In my porridge I
1. Soaked 1 cup of Buckwheat overnight in a bowl.
2. Rinsed then reserved a few tablespoons to add into the finished porridge.
3. Blended buckwheat, some chia seeds, pure vanilla bean paste, and some stevia drops in my Thermomix.

Blending buckwheat groats.

4. Add toppings and yummyness. This time I added banana and trail mix.
My take on Buckwheat Porridge
After eating it this morning I think this might be a good solution to my non yoghurt status at the moment. My naturopath has suggested I stay away from pasteurized dairy and in Australia raw dairy is hard to find, expensive and illegal to be sold as food. This will go great on my CADA (Coconut, dates, almonds and apple, blended to a muesli consistency in the Thermy). I find you need something to balance out the sweetness.
Other suggestions are
Blend old Crio Bru grounds or raw cacao, top with berries, add fruits in season, CADA (as mentioned), warm in winter with cinnamon and apple.
Oh and I forgot to mention that with all the de-cluttering that has taken place- late last night I decided to start this blog. Hope you enjoy reading about my new adventures.

Sueshooz XXX

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