Mercury- closest planet to the sun.

Mercury- closest planet to the sun.

Did you know that Mercury is the smallest planet to circle the sun and also the fastest moving? It’s a bit like that in my mouth! Small in size (I’m talking my amalgams here) but close to my bloodstream and fast acting as my mercury amalgams are creating a toxicity in my body. Of course this is not the only way I can ingest mercury, seafood and cosmetics both are ways for an individual to add mercury to their diet. I have pretty much taken care of the cosmetics in my life and I am working on the seafood but my amalgams – well they just have to go!

Just recently the World Health Organisation has started to phase down the use of dental amalgam  WHO recommends

“National, regional and global actions, both immediate and long-term, are needed to reduce or eliminate releases of mercury and its compounds to the environment. WHO is committed to work with the health sector and national, regional and global health partners to:

• reduce mercury exposure;
• eliminate the use of mercury wherever possible;
• promote the development of alternatives to the use of mercury.”

I says it’s time for me to personally to do something about it. So this week, two weeks out from my dental appointment, in consultation with my doctor and naturopath (who both agree, and even suggested that I have them removed), I have started a chelation heavy metal detox regime. It is all natural and I am preparing most of it myself. It’s quite easy just 3 drinks a day and a selenium supplement.


[kee-ley-shuhn]  Show IPA


1.Chemistry . the process of chelating.

2.Medicine/Medical .

a method of removing certain heavy metals from the bloodstream, used especially in treating lead or mercury poisoning.


Drink 1:Fermented Apple Juice with a chelation powder added.

I cut up some ginger root and place it into some organic apple juice. This sat on the kitchen bench for 1 week and fermented nicely. At this point it tasted just a little sweet and tangy. Each morning I add my chelation compound (Aust zeolite, Aust blue magnetic clay, Acai berries, Macca Root, Chlorella and Spirulina) and let it sit until the afternoon in the fridge. It is the perfect 3pm pick me up drink. Easy as!!!


Drink 2Turmeric Golden Milk (Ayruveda)

For this I made some turmeric paste by finely chopping turmeric root and stirring over low heat to create a paste. You can do this with turmeric powder too and if I need to make some more I will be doing it this way as I don’t like the little lumpy bits! I then make some almond milk (any nut milk would do) and stir a teaspoon of turmeric paste into the milk for about 4-5 mins. as it cools you can add some oil (I like Inca Inchi or coconut oil) I have one cup in the morning and one in the evening. You can see a video about how to make this drink and it’s benefits here.

So far I have not really noticed any adverse effects after taking these for a few days. Just not real keen on the Golden Milk. But I am willing to give my body every chance to deal with the coming dental work. I will tell you about the safety procedures and treatment in a few weeks time.

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