Health Talks

I spend a bit of time in the car each day (about an hour a day) and use that time to listen to various podcasts that I have downloaded each week. Just thought I would highlight a few of my favourites.

 I usually have at least one or more of the Wellness Couch podcasts in my week.imageThe Good Doctors  wholistic dentist Dr Ron Ehrlich and wholistic doctor Dr Michelle Woolhouse share their integrated approach to practicing medicine. this includes diet, environment and the body. Their catch phrase really sums it up- ” Healthcare Unplugged : where  we explore health, wellness and disease management from a nutritional and environmental perspective looking at food from soil to plate and exploring mind and body connections.”
I really like these as they are 30 mins long and that just happens to be my one way journey time! It really helps the time pass and I am learning something new each day or strengthening my resolve to look after myself by manipulating my environment in anyway I can to promote health.
The Wellness Guys Show (another 30 mins) where 3 chiropractor lads (one is a naturopath as well) discuss their views on health, environment, body functionality  and nutrition. These are the original guys who then developed The Wellness Couch podcast that star themselves individually or other Australian healthy gurus to give a week long listening experience.  They have had some great guests as well and I often find myself looking up the guests books and podcasts as well .
Up for a Chat (60 mins long) , is Cyndi O’Meara, Carren Smith and Kim Morrison discussing all sorts of topics. They describe their podcast as inviting us to be a fly on the wall as they discuss supplements, weight loss, breaking bad habits, autoimmune disease and heaps of other topics. Not are all for me but that is okay, I listen anyway.
One podcast that I have enjoyed from the states is The Smarter Science of Slim where Jonathon Bailor and Carrie Brown work their way through research articles to prove their point that you can in fact eat more, exercise less but smarter and maintain a healthy body and mind. This is a bit long winded as Jonathon does go into extreme detail in the research but it is great to be aware of these studies and have someone do the work for you!
Ted Talks. If you have not come across these they are great podcasts and if you are on a computer videos of people all over the world who have something new to share. Love them!
I like to feed my spirit as well as my mind so I listen to Joyce Meyer TV Audio podcasts. These are my car sermons as she talks about the Christian life and how we can live it more effectively.
Deriring God Sermons are also great for this. I find them quite meaty and I am working my way through them. John Piper is the minister responsible for these. I have tried a few of these American preacher type podcasts and I love the way he thinks. It challenges me to thing more globally and in a way that I think God might appreciate.
Of course there are stacks more I could mention but these are the ones that are filling my head at the moment.
So if you have some time where you are just blobbing, walking, driving or even doing the housework just pop one of these on and you will be on a path of self development. Enjoy!
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  1. Abby says:

    I listen to a few of these shows too! I want to say that I listen to them on my morning walk but in reality I started that yesterday and I didn’t walk today so its not quite a habit yet!! I am working on it!! Will check out the ones I haven’t heard of. Thanks.

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