About Us…

Your host, Sueshooz

Passionate about so many things and on a journey through life. At the moment my passion is living in a way that is free from all those chemical man made influences. This is not easy in the world we have today. I like to call myself an extreme foodie as I am a bit quirky about the way I view and eat food.  I love to cook everything I use from scratch using quality ingredients. This have been a three year journey and although I feel I have learned quite a bit, I still have a lot of learning to do.
Outside of this I am happily married to the wonderful Ric, blessed by two beautiful children, B1 (muscular, tall, handsome, creative and all round good guy a 22 year old old man-child) & B2 (beautiful – both inside and out, surfie chick, Uni student and 20 year old baby girl). I am in awe of my Lord Jesus who created such a wonderful world in the beginning.
I am currently healing my body from years of abuse caused by indifference, convenience and lack of knowledge.
My day job is as a teacher librarian at a beautiful country school where I am able to express my love of all things techno and literature. I get paid to have fun.

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